Reign of David

David Amnon and Tamar Ark of the Covenant Scenes from the Life of David Benaiah King David playing the harp Daniel, David and Solomon King David Entry of David into Jerusalem David Mourns His Son Amnon The Tree of Jesse Absalom Causeth Amnon to be Slain Desolation of Tamar King David Q24064675 David Promises Bathsheba that Solomon will be his Successor The Young David King David and a boy Amnon and Tamar Amnon Attacking Tamar King David Window with Isaiah and David The Meeting of the Three Kings, with David and Isaiah (recto); The Assumption of the Virgin (verso) Jesse, David and Solomon Hercules Obtaining the Girdle of Hyppolita The prophet David The Rape of Tamar Thamar Portrait of a Young Man as David David playing the harp King David in Prayer in an Initial B